Posted: No Trespassing , Notice Douglas Lee Thompson , Domain and intellectual property is Private Property. $3,000.00 Fine per infringment / Arc jojo

Defenses For Trespassing Laws Under Penal Code 602, California

McFly Alert , Code 11

Domain , Intellectual property rights, Criminal Intellectual property CIP : Reference Blacks Law, 10th edition

NO TRESPASSING , PRIVATE PROPERTY, THE HUMAN BEING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY , HARD and SOFT OPTION, THE BODY , VESSEL of Douglas Lee Thompson , is a Private Domain and you can’t connect any Neuro Networks without expressed written permission and a face to face meeting. email

The Human being below has 360 degree security,

Notice: Domain Douglas Lee Thompson, Arc jojo, Bodhi Rex North, Arc jojo Bodhisattva, Liam Llewellyn Badger Actor, Dugra, Saint Bla Bla, one day got put on Blast.

where is my domain? everywhere I am

where is my dwelling? everywhere I am

where do I live ? everywhere I am

where do I get my mail ? everywhere I am and

where is my Domain and  IP address, Human intellectual property?  Everywhere I am and,,, @bloggernashvill Twitter,,



where is my vessel? everywhere I am

where is my temple? everywhere I am

” 1000 arms , great golden figure ”

personal domain violation code 11, Criminal Harvesting of intellectual property, domain Trespassing, infringement in a $ 3,000.00 fine per intrusion. Outsourcing of Douglas Lee Thompson’s IP and Domain is a fine of $ 3,000.00 per infringement.

What is code 11 Arc jojo

arcjojo.douglasleethompson 006682480 USN Veteran, Dover-Foxcroft , 12.27.1969

C.I.P Notice , Douglas Lee Thompson , Arc jojo,  Human being source codes direct Brain to Brain communication, Harvesting of Intellectual property (is) expressly prohibited .

“Without expressed written consent”, viewing, listening, wire tapping, stealing , assaulting, kidnapping, voyeurism, stalking, creating a likeness, taking pictures, wire tapping, developing gaming proticals, or advanced military training models.  Intrusion into said Private domain, “IP” intellectual property, dwelling, mail, vessel, and temple : property of the Honorable Douglas Lee Thompson, USN Veteran , born 12.27.1969 Dover-Fox-croft is a Crime. Intrusion into private domain is a domain name infringement and intellectual property crime.  Code ( do-mayn ) intellectual property Code, IP address: Douglas Lee Thompson. Subject to $3,000.00 fine up to $300,000.00 , Jail and imprisonment, per infringement. Posted notice from 1987 to Present.

who’s domain is this? its the domain of Douglas Lee Thompson, Arc jojo, Arc Bodhisattva, Bodhi Rex North, Liam Llewellyn Badger Actor, Dugra, jojo . This is a Royal frequency of the Sovereign Vessel : Arc jojo

Notice CIP fine , Code 11 Violation, Mcfly Alert is $3,000.00 per infringement.

Fine’s and Charges are subject to State, County, Federal and Local Laws in addition this posted notice .

Note 28:13 of 1:04.30


Contact email for scheduling .

ref Blacks Law 10th edition, Cloud coding, source coding, birth certificate coding, intent to kill, evidence,




mcfly alert is a Code 11 violation : CIP Crime , Blacks Law 10th edition , IP, Domain, Declaration of Human Rights, Page 1987.

Think, McFly! Think   , each infringement is a fine of $3,000.00 .


fines at public library , San Francisco Ca. time 10:25 am – 11: 57 am 76 intrusion x $3,000.00 6/11/2016



” it’s my time ”

cross , I and me , maybe a bridge to you and we

Arc jojo




Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself; do not go out and look for a successful personality and … To me, ultimately, martial arts means honestly expressing yourself

Bruce Lee


June 11, 2016 St. Vincent DePaul Society San Francisco , CA Saturday start time 2:41pm end time 5:25 pm $ 3,000.00 fine time 148 Doh-mayn Domain , IP Intellectual Property , CIP Crimes, Code 11, Mcfly Alerts , $ 444,000.00 Charged to Domain and Intellectual Property Connecting .


“I attract money like fly’s to shit, dip shit !”

G Money Maker

Mcfly Alert

Shhh IT work

Domain, IP ,,,, Intellectual Property of a Human Being


Got it

Go with a cross

I with a cross


to avoid a $3,000.00 fine email

for domain infringement, intellectual property harvesting, stalking, voyeurism, CIP charge per intrusion.

+ Cheerio + Love


I’m hiring a dip shit ,,, email me. $33.33 Trillion dollar business, IPO, Humanity Driven Operation.


Notes, SEE MIT Harvard

Code 11 KT, KRT, Humanitarian Mission 69.






10 Second Tom , 1:53 of 2:35, every 3 seconds ,

I am worth $33.33 Trillion dollars. 11:11

Reference Blacks Law Dictionary 10th edition Clearance Center at 222 Rosewood DR.

Davers, MA.  01932

I am a Gentleman Page 579 Blacks Law 10th edition . The Honorable Douglas Lee Thompson

I am a Pastor Arc jojo , Douglas Lee Thompson

a Diplomatic Agent, Arc jojo , Douglas Lee Thompson

a Private Agent, Arc jojo , Douglas Lee Thompson

a Entertainment Agent , Talent Agent, Arc jojo, Douglas Lee Thompson

NOTICE POSTED IN PUBLIC DOMAIN – Douglas Lee Thompson , Arc jojo , God of Hearts, Liam Llewellyn Badger Actor, Bodhi Rex North, Arc jojo Bodhisattva, Saint Bla Bla, JoJo Dexter Maine Grandson of Lawrence Llewellyn Badger / Thompson, Son of Kenneth R Thompson of Dexter Maine, inserted archived records of family tree :

where is my ( Doh-mayn ) domain, domicile, temple, dwelling, intellectual property of the human being Douglas Lee Thompson , Everywhere I am. where is my home everywhere I am : Arc jojo , Douglas Lee Thompson born 12/27/1969


December 27, 1969 through eternality  the Human being Douglas Lee Thompson is Private Property, neural connection via neural network are restricted to private property rights, private domain rights , and require express written consent, and a face to face meeting. this includes neural connections seen and unseen, intelligent systems connecting to biological human being, connection from human being to artificial intelligence is strictly prohibited , NO Trespassing POSTED PRIVATE PROPERTY.



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