The day I released the mayn sequence for the human being / Sovereighty of Arc jojo

human being domain codes     exp: arcjojo.douglasleethompson

human being intellectual property codes

human being criminal intellectual property code

human being (doh-mayn) codes ,  human being intellectual property codes


Douglas Lee Thompson Doh-mayn and intellectual property is labeled as Arc jojo


this is the source of gang stalking and the so called illuminati .

I am the Bodhisattva Arc jojo, a conveyance named Arc jojo , my frequency is the Lord are Gods. A Royal Frequency and a vessel of Sovereignty:  named Arc jojo, Douglas Lee Thompson, Dugra

This a declaration of Sovereignty : Douglas Lee Thompson, Arc jojo, Bodhi Rex North, Liam Llewellyn Badger Actor, jojo, Bodhisattva Arc jojo, Dugra 12/27/1969  9999 6666


and criminal intrusion into my Doh-mayn Domian, and IP, Intellectual

property: 2 CIP $ $3,000. per intrusion

see code 11 violation


Assigned to the Human Being: Douglas Lee Thompson 006682480 is a C.I.P Crime on Intellectual Property, Harvesting . is a Crime . Fine $ 3,000.00 per each intrusion.

who’s Domain is this: This is the Domain and IP of Arc jojo, Douglas Lee Thompson

In God we Trust

Video time 28:25 1:04:30 Alan Watts : Stop trying to change the World,

Liberation know,  21.06

Ring the door bell when you come in , 25.05


See Blacks law 10th edition

pg 1987 Article one : Declaration of Human Rights

learn, human being source codes

pg 495 declaration of rights,

This is my domain and IP, a vessel of Sovereignty names Arc jojo



Arc jojo

Douglas Lee Thompson

Bodhi Rex North

Liam Llewellyn Badger Actor



A son of Kenneth R Thompson ( KRT ) and Pamela A Thompson, Woodbury

+Lawrence Llewellyn Badger, Thompson, Hilda Pearl , Thompson , Earl Woodbury, Elaine Woodbury, Velma Withee, and the Lord ar God, +

surname: Badger

surname: Greenleaf

surname: Woodbury

Surname: Withee

surname:  Pearl

+ In God we Trust + KT , A432hz Oakland A’s


Noah Douglas Thompson

Claudia Nicole Thompson

Sister Beverly J Thompson, Porter

” How to Master your Domain ”

NEYƎИ Sequence, Mayn Sequence, Human Being Doh-mayn sequence 9999, 6666

Human being intellectual property codes


who is you?

who are you?

who’s Domain is this?

Y = Neyen sequence, Mayn sequence , open umbrella 9999 , 6666

Ying , Yang

why do kids, keep asking Y, Y, Y , Y , Y ?

What is a Code 11?

Human being source codes?

source code . 1965

object codes

model codes

civil codes

civil right codes, equal protection under the law. Blacks Law 10 edition pg 1987 article 1

Declaration of Human Rights




Blacks Law 10th edition pg 1610

Sovereignty of a Human’s,  intellectual property and Domain

Sovereignty of a Human’s Doh-mayn, Domain , Dugra

Douglas Lee Thompson


notes, cloud on title, doh-mayn and IP of Douglas Lee Thompson

you see what I’m saying

Its my time, cross , I and me is a bridge to – you

who is you? Im Supreme Domain authority , or rule, Sovereignty Blacks Law 10 th edition, 14c 1.
















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